Human Development Report Office Statistical Data API


The Human Development Report Office (HDRO) offers this REST API for the developers to query human development related data in JSON format. The data can be queried by indicator id(s), year(s) and country code(s) and group by any order.

About the Data

HDRO produces a small dataset each year which consists of approximately 60 indicators by country and year. The data is entered into a SQL Server database by the statistics unit and stored and archived there. For the API, the data is manually extracted from SQL Server and copied into a separate MySQL database. This happens at least once a year upon the publication of the global Human Development Report, which coincides with the release of the data. When this happens, the data present in the API (MySQL) database is wiped and replaced with the new data. This is due to the fact that the data is recalculated retroactively each year, in light of new methodologies and updated data. Throughout the year, when updates are made to the database, the API data may also be updated manually by the database/website manager.

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